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Taxi Prices Increase, Again

THE second half of a 100% increasein taxi prices announced in August isexpected to take effect next Tuesday,Nov. 15. Taxi prices will increaseapproximately 32% from their currentrates, amounting to more than doublepre-August rates.The first kilometer of a taxi ride willincrease from ¢310 ($0.63) to ¢330($0.67). Each additional kilometer willincrease from ¢230 ($0.47) to ¢300($0.61) in the metropolitan area.This is the second increase sinceAugust, when prices increased as much as56% (TT, Aug. 12, 19).This means a five-kilometer tripbetween La California neighborhood inSan José to Curridabat, east of San José,that once cost ¢885 ($1.81), reached¢1,230 ($2.52) in August and will nowreach ¢1,530 ($3.13) with the latestincrease.The new “delay” fare, added inAugust – used when a taxi is going lessthan 10 km per hour for more than sixminutes, in the case of traffic jams or particularlybad roads – increased from ¢2,300 ($4.70) per hour to ¢3,000 ($6.13).Prices are slightly higher for taxis inrural areas.Drivers cannot charge more to pickup or drop off a passenger at a hotel ormall, if the service is at night or if thepassenger is a foreigner, according toARESEP.If a passenger feels he or she is beingincorrectly charged by a taxi driver, he orshe should get the license plate number ofthe taxi and the name of the cooperative itbelongs to. The information should thenbe reported to ARESEP by calling 220-0102 or faxing 220-0374.


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