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Guatemalans Demand Justice for Women on Day of the Dead

GUATEMALA CITY (EFE) – OnMonday, a day celebrated as The Day ofthe Dead, a group of Guatemalans held aprotest in the capital city’s main cemeteryto demand justice for the almost 2,000women murdered brutally here over thelast four years.“We are in solidarity with the familiesof the thousands of women who wereassassinated with impunity in our country,and we denounce the government onceagain for not complying with its obligationsto provide security and justice forwomen,” one activist said. “We women arefed up with all the violence.”Since 2001, 1,897 women have beenkilled in Guatemala, and only five of thecases have been solved. The number ofdeaths totals 2,125 since the year 2000.“The killings continue and with completeimpunity,” said human rights activistAndrea Barrios. “There has been noanswer from the government.”A spokesman from the Ministry of theInterior said the police are continuing toinvestigate the cases.


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