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Tolls Reopen on Road to Alajuela

AS of last week, drivers headingnorthwest out of San José to Alajuela onthe General Cañas highway have to paytolls again after a two-month breakprompted by an accident that damagedone of the toll booths.Toll collection resumed Oct. 18 afterrepairs were made by Constructora ShaanS.A. at a cost of ¢12.8 million ($26,000),according to the National RoadwayCouncil (CONAVI).The tollbooths were closed Aug. 26when a truck crashed into one booth,causing structural damage, the daily LaNación reported.CONAVI estimates it receives approximately¢2.1 million ($4,300) per dayfrom the booths, meaning that the 52 daysthe tolls were closed created a shortfall of¢109 million ($223,000).To avoid another accident, protectivebarriers were built. CONAVI is takinglegal actions against the vehicle ownerwho caused the accident to recover constructioncosts, La Nación reported.


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