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Panama Canal Posts Record-Setting Fiscal Year

PANAMA CITY (EFE) – A record 14,011 ships carrying 279.1 million tons of cargo, up 4.6% from last year, traveled across the Panama Canal during fiscal year 2005.According to a communique released Monday by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the autonomous government agency that operates the U.S.-built inter-oceanic canal, the greater quantity of ships and cargo was brought about by the increased use of the canal by container ships and bulk carriers for grain.Through the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, the number of deep-draft vessels that passed through the canal totaled 12,648, 130 more than in fiscal year 2004, the ACP said.The ACP said there had been 12 maritime accidents this year in the canal’s waters, but that they did not interrupt the normal flow of traffic.


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