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Book Donation Drive On Through Oct. 5

BOOKS have the ability to share with us amazing tales of adventure, to transport us to foreign countries, to let us experience the histories of great civilizations and to give us insight into the great mystery that is life.Now, those who have already been able to make use of these treasures have the opportunity to share that advantage and wealth of knowledge with students and the less fortunate throughout the country.“Reading is a Fiesta,” a national book donation drive organized by embassies, libraries and other organizations in the country, is collecting books of all genres through Oct. 5.The book drive’s organizers are specifically asking for English-language texts to assist schools in teaching students English. Donated books will be sent to orphanages, religious institutions and indigenous reserves. Originally conceived in France, the project has spread to more than 100 countries throughout the world.Those wishing to donate books may do so at Alliance Française, the Social Security System (Caja) central offices, Lincoln School, the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), Intel, La Nación, Librería Francesa, Librería Lehmann, Librería Universal and LibroMax, among others.For more information on book collection locations, contact Lilly Edgerton at 242-4452.


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