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Motorcycle Use Increases Here

WITH no end in sight to the trafficthat typically jams San José streets andgas prices on the rise, more and more driversare opting for motorcycles, accordingto the Association of MotorcycleImporters (AIMA).In addition to rising gas prices, consumersare turning away from the highcost of maintaining used cars, accordingto AIMA president Demetrio Pérez.Every year, the number of people buyingmotorcycles increases, according tosales statistics from various agencies.In 2004, 7,763 new motorcycles weresold, up from 6,570 in 2003 and 4,966 in2002. AIMA is predicting 12,000 motorcycleswill be sold this year. Among thedifferent kinds of motorcycles, scootershave seen the greatest growth, from 35sold in 2002 to 357 sold in 2004.The most popular motorcycle brandslast year were Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki,Bajaj and LML.Pérez maintains that an increased numberof motorcycle users will benefit CostaRica as a whole, causing less traffic congestionand decreasing the nation’s use of fuel.


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