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Sundays in the Park: Making Art Accessible

THE Costa Rican Art Museum has combined Sunday afternoons in the park withsome of the country’s most talented musicians, poets, artists and dancers. Held on thelast Sunday of each month, Parque de la Expresión takes place in the flat space in frontof the museum, where artists display their works, poets read their poetry and visitorscan enjoy a variety of national creativity.Activities this Sunday will begin with an 11 a.m. concert by the Cartago nationalband, directed by maestro Ricardo Vargas. The band will kick things off with the nationalanthem and follow up with a varied play list. At 2 p.m., the traditional Latin dancegroup El Guarco’s 16 members will put on a presentation directed by Mario Romero.Each month, the museum invites a select group of national artists to display theirworks. On the marquee this month are Sergio González, Marta Albán, Ana Wein, CarlosTapia, Manuel Sánchez, Luis Chacón, Florencia Urbina, Roberto Lizano, ÁlvaroBracci, Cristiano Badilla, Fernando Carballo, Zulay Soto, Roberto Piedra, FabioMorales Rojas, Santos Wenceslao, Enrique Leal and Fernando Pérez.This is an excellent opportunity for the museum to introduce and promote some ofthe country’s most gifted artists, poets and musicians. Visitors can buy art directlyfrom the artists, as well as from the published poets and authors whose works are ondisplay. By creating an atmosphere where the general public can appreciate art whilemeeting and speaking with the artists, the fair becomes “an open window into culturalexpression.”The Costa Rican Art Museum is on the east side of La Sabana Park. Activities thisSunday begin at 11 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Admission is free.


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