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Memorable Quotes Heard This Year

“I think the election ofMiguel Ángel Rodríguez(as the Organization ofAmerican States’SecretaryGeneral) will be a historicevent for Costa Rica thatcould help it recover itsplace on the internationalstage.”–Political analystAntonio Barriosin June, little knowing Rodríguezwould indeed bring international attentionto Costa Rica by stepping down amid corruptionallegations after only a month inoffice.“Let’s say it clearly: thisis a country with a tastefor champagne and a budgetfor agua dulce.”–Legislator Mario Redondoof the Social Christian UnityParty, on the need for tax reform.“We must do an analysisof our behavior, and wehave to change very fast.We have always thought ofourselves as so differentfrom the rest of corruptCentral America, but nowwe realize we are not sodifferent.”–Ombudsman José ManuelEchandiat an anti-corruption march in October.“The Gringos do nothave enemies or friends,they only have interests.”–Nicaraguan rebel leaderEdén Pastoraregarding theories that both the CIAand the Sandinistas were involved in theplot to bomb his rebel camp at LaPenca in 1984, on the 20th anniversaryof the bombing in May.“Why do some peopletry to make everyonebelieve there is a crisiswhen everything is working?Might there be someonewho wants to hurtCosta Rica saying there isa crisis and insecurity?What insecurity? Therehave been no screams andno punches. Everything isstill running.”–President Abel Pachecoin September after nine high-levelgovernment officials, including fourCabinet members, resigned in responseto a strike-ending agreement.“The image(Pacheco) created is completelycontrary to thereality. (Listening toPacheco) a person wouldhave no idea that twoweeks ago there was anational strike thatstopped the country, thatthe top economic officialshave resigned, that therewere other resignations,that there are seriouscases of corruption.”–Legislator Luis Ramírezof the National Liberation Party,responding to Pacheco’s attitude.“We will put them in jailand we can be very meanto them. Jail is not a verynice place.”–President Abel Pachecotelling foreign journalists in English whatCosta Rica plans to do with convictedsex offenders.“In this country, aftersoccer, the biggest hobby isto criticize the FinanceMinister. I don’t know whatlegislators are going to donow that I am gone — theywill be very bored.”–Alberto Dentupon resigning as PresidentPacheco’s second Finance Ministerbecause he disagreed with anagreement other Cabinet memberssigned with public workers demandinghigher salaries.“Call it vulgar, say thatit stirs up instincts, call itwhat you will, but whenthey call it pornography Ipull out a copy of this.”–Magazine publisherJorge Chavesholding up the latest edition ofhis porn magazine Sexxxo Caliente,after the government shut down theoffice of his other magazine,Chavespectáculos, because he refusedto submit it for government screeningprior to publication.“I can’t get ridof doctors to hirepark guards.”–President Abel Pachecowhen asked to declare a state of emergencybecause of the poaching crisis inCorcovado National Park.“I write letters to theSecretary General (of theUnited Nations) and tellhim what to do. I havewritten 6,800 ideas. Everyday I write ideas, any ideathat comes to me for abetterworld I write down.”–University for Peacefounder Robert Mullerduring an interview inSeptember


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