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Earthquakes, Test Tube Pregnancy, Inflation

One Year AgoLarge earthquakes and a change ofcolor in the lake of the active IrazúVolcano’s main crater generated panicamong neighboring communities.However, geologists said there was noimmediate cause for alarm. The changein color from green to yellow was nottied to greater seismic activity or changesin the quantity or temperature of gasescaping from the cone, scientists said.10 Years AgoThe Costa Rican MedicalAssociation announced Costa Rica’sfirst successful test-tube pregnancy.Lorena Vargas, from the province ofCartago, east of San José, became thecountry’s first woman to carry a test-tubebaby. Vargas, who was 30 at thetime, had been left infertile after anoperation in 1985.Finance Minister Fernando Herrerodefended the government’s proposed increasein taxes to improve roads, schoolsand the public health-care system.30 Years AgoInflation levels in Costa Ricaproved to be the lowest in CentralAmerica.The Tico Times published an ad forHotel Playboy, expected “to be thelargest tourist project in Costa Rica.”(Compiled by María Gabriela Díazfrom The Tico Times archives.)


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