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U.S. Revokes 10 Guatemalans’ Visas

GUATEMALA CITY (EFE) – TheU.S. government this week cancelledentry visas for 10 Guatemalans – sixmembers of the military and four civilians– accused of corruption in theircountry, the U.S. Embassy confirmedTuesday.The men, all of whom served inPresident Alfonso Portillo’s administration(1999-2003), are under investigationby Guatemala’s Prosecutor’s Officein connection with multimillion-dollarcorruption cases at several public institutions.To date, the U.S. State Departmenthas revoked the entry visas of more thana dozen high-ranking public officials,including several military officers,Portillo and former Vice PresidentFrancisco Reyes, who is behind bars oncorruption charges for several months.Portillo, who has been in Mexicosince February, is believed to be at thecenter of alleged multimillion-dollarembezzlements that took place during hisadministration, but prosecutors say theydon’t have enough evidence to chargehim.

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