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Saving Our Patrimony

THE annual competition “Saving our Patrimony” is a step in the right directiontoward saving important Costa Rican historic buildings.Since 1997, several properties that otherwise would have most likely notobtained the necessary funds to be preserved have benefited from this contest,which declares winners patrimony and awards a prize of ¢30 million.Buildings restored with these funds include the house of the Zúñiga Clachar familyin Liberia, in the northern province of Guanacaste; the “House of the Principal” ofSan José’s Liceo de Costa Rica; the Jiménez-Sancho House in Cartago, the MissionHouse of the Baptist Church in Limón and the building of Liberia’s Gobernación inGuanacaste.In 2004 the award was won by the Casa de José Cubero Muñoz, a woodenhouse built between 1880 and 1890 in Mata de Plátano, Goicoechea, northeastof San José. It is now undergoing restoration.For information on the 2005 contest, call the center at 223-2533 or 255-3523,fax 256-4891) or write


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