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Education Ministry Provides $580,000 for Quake Repairs

PUBLIC Education Minister ManuelAntonio Bolaños last Saturday visitedQuepos and Parrita, on the central Pacificcoast, to give authorities there a first paymentto initiate the reconstruction ofearthquake-damaged schools in theregion.In a statement from the PublicEducation Ministry (MEP), Bolañospointed out “it is the government’s priorityto dedicate part of its economicresources to start the immediate reconstructionof its most damaged areas, forthis reason, MEP has already drafted aninitial sum of ¢263 million (approximately$580,000).”A week after the 6.2 magnitude earthquake,which was felt throughout thecountry in the predawn hours of Nov. 20(TT, Nov. 26), a group of engineers fromthe National Educational InfrastructureCenter (CENIFE), inspected schools inthe port city of Quepos and Parrita.In total, the earthquake, whose epicenterwas approximately 9 kilometers northwestof Quepos, caused ¢2.5 billion(approximately $5.6 million) in lossesthroughout the country, according toNational Emergency Commission directorLuis Diego Morales.


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