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Artists’ Colony, Theatre Group Produce Two Works

THE Julia and David White Artists’Colony and The Little Theatre Group (LTG)are combining forces to produce a specialone-time-only presentation Sept. 19 at 10:30a.m.This is the first time that the English languagetheater group and the Ciudad Colón basedArtists’ Colony have directly collaboratedand the two works offered will be adramatic and thought provokingenactment for bothaudience and actors.“What About Ben” iswinner of the colony’s 2003International PlaywrightCompetition. Written byU.S. citizen Lee Brady, itdepicts the poignant story ofan ageing Berkeley-basedfolksinger’s emotional turmoilafter her husband’sdeath and how she faces her community’sjudgmental opinions as she tries to decidewhether to embark on a new relationshipwith a decidedly ‘unsuitable’ younger man.The author will attend the premiere performancesfrom San Francisco, Calif. as partof the competition prize, which included anall-expense paid trip to the colony. The playwill star long-standing LTG member JoStuart, who has acted in many productionsthroughout the years.The second reading has particular significancefor the colony’s founder, Dr. WilliamWhite.WRITTEN by his daughter, Julia,“Please, Mister, Please” describes a tormentedwoman’s search for acknowledgementand meaning to her existence after the selfdestructiveturns she has taken upon herself.White’s daughter, an exceptionally giftedscientist in astro-physics and literary writerand poet, committed suicide at age 29. Afterexcelling at MIT, she spent time with theRoyal Court Theatre in London extending herdrama skills. Caroline Kennedy, a publishedwriter and experienced artist, recently settledin Costa Rica, will portray the main characterfor this dramatized reading.The Julia and David White Artists’Colony, tucked away on a lushly forestedhillside above Ciudad Colón, was created inhonor of White’s two children and offers residencyscholarships to encourage creativityin other talented and dedicated artists fromall over the world. Studios and accommodationare provided for up to six writers, composersor visual artists who can apply to thecolony for one-month residencies throughoutthe year.The readings will take place in the spacious,window-lined salon of Dr. White’shome, where daylight views give out ontothe natural gardens and mature forest thatare integrated into the property.TICKETS for this special morning ofstaged readings come with a light lunch andtour of the colony grounds and studios for¢1,500 ($3.37) per person. For reservations,contact, White at 249-1414 or More info on thecolony’s residency program can be found get there, head west from San José toCiudad Colón, and before the one-way systemstarts, turn left just after the rebuilt roadbridge by the gas station. Continue on theroad 700 meters to the colony’s mainentrance on the left.


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