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Dentist Association Warns Few Job Opportunities

ACCORDING to a recent survey bythe Costa Rican Dentists’ Association,68% of dentists do not have a regularmonthly income or have a monthlyincome of less than ¢200,000 ($460).Almost 25% did not have an incomeor work in the past year and 37.9% ofthose polled said they need economic helpfrom their parents because they are notearning enough money.However, 28.5% say they own theirown dental clinic.The survey included 340 of the 439association members.According to the Dentists’ Association,expectations on enrolling in a university tostudy dentistry starkly contrast with thereality that new graduates are confrontedwith upon beginning their career.The association says students nowentering dentist school should know thatby the time they graduate, an estimated1,200 new dentists will have studied dentistryin Costa Rica’s universities.


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