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University’s Jazz Trio Performing

A JAZZ trio from San Diego StateUniversity in California is scheduled toperform at the Eugene O’Neill Theater at7:30 p.m. today.The performance is part of the theater’sPromising Artists of the 21stCentury non-profit program, which aimsto “bring talented musicians from universitiesin United States here to offer theirtalents,” said Manuel Arce, the theater’scultural director.This is the second installment of thisyear’s program. The program itself is 10years old.The trio is composed of San DiegoState University faculty member RichardThompson on piano and students PatrickMarion on bass and Robert Lawson onguitar.“The music is essentially jazz innature, with standards and original compositions,”Arse said, noting that the triowill perform works by classical jazzcomposers Bill Evans and KennyWheeler, as well as a work called“Peace” by guitarist Lawson.DURING the visit, the trio will“teach master classes to University ofCosta Rica students and have jam sessionsat Academia Musica Bach in SanPedro,” Arse said. “They will share theirknowledge with Costa Rican musicians.”The sessions are open to the public.This intercultural exchange is thepurpose of Promising Artists of the 21stCentury. The artists will hold free classesand workshops for music students atarea universities.On Monday at 7:30 p.m., the SanDiego trio will participate in a radio programcalled “Jazz Beat” on the station95.5.“The show is broadcast from our theatrelive with an audience,” Arse said.“The show will have interviews and performances.”THE performances will be held at theEugene O’Neill Theater in the CentroCultural in Los Yoses.For more info, call 207-7554 or 207-7555. General admission tickets are¢2,000 ($4.60) or ¢1,000 ($2.30) for studentsand senior citizens.


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