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Free Concerts Part of Music Fest

MUSIC is invisible, sometimessoft and sweet enough to make a babysleep. At other times, it brings tears toyour eyes while remembering a lovedone. It also can make you improvisedrums with your feet or a pencil andwhile watching movies, it can makeyour nerves rattle or on a romanticnight, awaken your passion.Today through June 21, CostaRica is holding a full celebration inhonor of this art as part of a worldwidemusic festival.A series of freeconcerts featuring awide variety of musicat different locations(concentrated mainlyin San José) arescheduled as part ofthe Fête de laMusique (Music Fest).Even children willhave the chance toenjoy some showsSaturday morning atTemplo de la Música,located in Parque Morazán, 9:30-11:30 a.m.. Today, the fiesta starts atLiceo Franco-Costarricence with aday-long music presentations.SCHOOLS are dedicating a periodof time on Monday (the official day ofmusic around the world) to play music.Bands are performing in the parks ofvarious provinces. Even the movie theatersare involved as celebrators canwatch the film “The King Dances,” byGérard Corbiau as part of the festivities.The celebrations were first heldJune 21, 1982, as part of the summersolstice (the longest summer day inFrance). In France, everyone plays aninstrument in the street and the activitiesare free because the main purposeis to motivate people to play music,said Mickael Levallois, assistantdirector of the Alliance Francaise.The fest was born a year earlier inFrance when Maurice Fleuret wasdeclared the director of music anddance by the minister of culture.Fleuret discovered that one out of twochildren were able toplay a musical instrument.Then he had adream that peopleinvaded the streetswith music. Now, thefestival is celebratedin about 100 countrieson five continents.“I hope everyonegets involved in thecelebration becausemusic is important,it’s music that healsthe soul,” Levallois said. “Throughmusic, people express themselves,express toward life and express theirfeelings,”FOR a complete schedule ofevents, see the calendar section, W-15.Or visit Also seethe official Web site in French andEnglish at Listen to a special show onRadio Nacional (101.5 FM) today at 3p.m.


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