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The Power Is in the Flowers

PAULA Crabtree, an expert in flower remedies, will host a series of workshops on the healing power of Bach system remedies.

The Bach system is considered the original flower remedy method and consists of 38 remedies to heal the emotions.

Flower remedies fall under vibrational medicine, which operates on the principal of using energy to cure.

“Once your emotions are out of harmony, as a result of inner or external conflict, you can become sick,” says Crabtree.

Often before a person gets sick there’s an attitude change, she says. Flower remedies are said to heal these emotional disturbances before they progress to a level where the body becomes sick.

Remedies are taken in drops and, according to Crabtree, changes are usually seen within two weeks. However, in severe cases, results may be almost instantaneous, she adds. People have turned to flower remedies to help treat stress, anger, intolerance and a variety of other emotions.

CRABTREE’S workshops will take place in the Central Valley and consist of two levels. The first, March 27-28, will deal with the fundamentals of the 38 states. The second, April 3-4, will focus on the more subtle differences in emotional states.

Participants must attend the first level to take part in the second. The workshops will be held in Spanish, but Crabtree says she can make an effort to work with attendees who have a fair grasp of Spanish but may need some help.

For more info call 816-8273 or 817-4082.



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