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Monteverde Costa Rica among The 55 Most Beautiful Places in the World, per Travel + Leisure

Monteverde, a stunning destination in northwestern Costa Rica, has been included in Travel + Leisure’s 55 Most Beautiful Places in the World. The area is a paradise for nature lovers, with its lush vegetation, magical cloud forest, and unique ecosystems. Visitors can explore the Santa Elena Reserve, where they can witness thousands of animals, plants, and bird species, including the radiant quetzal. Tourists can also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, ziplining, and birdwatching.

Monteverde is a model for sustainable ecotourism, encouraging visitors to support conservation efforts and engage in environmentally friendly activities. In addition to the outdoor activities, visitors can explore the Monteverde Cheese Factory and the town of Santa Elena for a taste of the local culture. Monteverde is a must-visit destination that promises a memorable experience.

Piuta Beach Costa Rica: Now An Accessible Paradise

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism have joined forces to make the Caribbean an inclusive destination for all tourists. In commemoration of the International Social Tourism Organization’s (ISTO) 60th anniversary, the entities launched an accessible beach project in Limón, Costa Rica, making Piuta Beach the twelfth accessible beach inaugurated by the DONATAPA campaign.

The project provides a 30-meter retractable walkway made of plastic wood and an amphibious chair made of the same material, allowing seniors and people with disabilities to enjoy the beach. This aligns with the National Tourism Plan 2022-2027, which focuses on inclusion, innovation, and sustainability. The Network also transformed 1,200 kilos of plastic caps into walkways and donated the chair.

This project is an important milestone in inclusion and accessibility in tourism, providing opportunities for all people to enjoy the area’s natural beauty while becoming an inclusive space for the entire community. The initiatives of these institutions contribute to the development of accessible tourism worldwide and serve as a model for other regions to follow.

New Costa Rica Health Minister Pushes Marijuana Legalization

President Rodrigo Chaves of Costa Rica has appointed Vice President Mary Munive as the new Minister of Health, a decision that has sparked significant debate due to Munive’s support for recreational marijuana legalization. In her first public statement, Munive outlined her priorities, which include streamlining the drug authorization process, improving chronic disease management, and advocating for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

She acknowledges the potential negative effects of legalization and aims to generate income to counteract them. Minister of Sports Natalia Diaz has also confirmed the government’s plan to present an alternative version of the recreational marijuana bill. Costa Rica finds itself at a crossroads, engaging in debates surrounding the potential benefits and challenges of legalizing recreational marijuana. Vice President Mary Munive is committed to leading these discussions and advocating for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Tackling The Root Causes of Costa Rica’s Security Crisis

The security crisis in Costa Rica has reached a critical point, with more than 300 homicides already registered this year and a projected 800 by the end of the year. In response, representatives and the Executive Committee of the political party PUSC met with former President Laura Chinchilla to discuss the crisis and consider solutions. Chinchilla emphasized the urgency of the situation, suggesting social intervention in high-risk communities, focusing on youth unemployment and the education crisis, and criticized the government’s budget for creating only 300 new police positions.

The PUSC party aims to contribute with proper solutions and is currently listening to security experts and finding effective solutions. It is vital for the government to provide accurate budgets to compensate for the shortages of police and prisons. With the combined efforts of political parties and security experts, it is possible to find effective solutions and restore peace to Costa Rica.

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