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Dark Side of Costa Rica’s Pineapple Biz..

Recent reports from VICE, a Canadian-US magazine, have exposed the devastating environmental and health impacts of Costa Rica’s large-scale pineapple production. Investigations into labor conditions uncovered brutal practices, including severe injuries, exploitation, and the suppression of workers’ rights. Furthermore, the article points out that the country is one of the biggest users of harsh chemical pesticides per hectare in the world.

This has raised questions about the safety of pineapple imports and the need for consumer awareness. As the Costa Rican government has promised to address the issue, some progressive farms are already phasing out highly hazardous pesticides, offering a glimmer of hope for a more sustainable future. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on consumers to drive change by choosing organic or certified sustainably grown pineapples and supporting ethical certifications..

Costa Rica Tourism Flips Over Cirque Partnership..

Costa Rica Tourism has partnered with Cirque du Soleil as the official sponsor of their new show, ECHO, highlighting the natural beauty and ‘Pura Vida’ spirit of Costa Rica. This partnership coincides with Costa Rica being named Travel+Leisure’s 2024 Destination of the Year. Over 25% of Costa Rica’s land is protected, offering visitors a rich natural experience.

As the sponsor, Costa Rica will promote ECHO in Atlanta and Miami, aiming to inspire U.S. visitors to explore Costa Rica. Additionally, a special “PURA VIDA” episode of Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque RAW series was filmed in various Costa Rican locations, showcasing the country’s diverse landscapes. The partnership also includes exclusive giveaways for ECHO attendees, offering trips to Costa Rica. This collaboration is a significant opportunity for Costa Rica to share its natural wonders globally.

Albino Puma Wows Nicaragua..

The Thomas Belt Zoo in Nicaragua opened its doors to the public so they could meet an albino female puma almost four months old. The Puma was born in a litter with two other cubs and her white pigmentation is a rare genetic mutation among animal species, especially among felines. Her mother, and sisters are in optimal health according to the veterinarian, Carlos Molina.

The zoo has partially lifted the tarp covering the cage for a month so visitors can appreciate the rare feline, and they expect the number of visits to double. Mauricio Espinoza, the zoo’s environmental education manager, invited people to come and see the animal for themselves. The Puma’s birth has caused a sensation on social media and has been featured in National Geographic magazine..

Costa Rica’s Flies Fattened Up to Feed Livestock..

ProNuvo, a Costa Rican company, is leading insect protein production in Latin America by breeding black soldier fly larvae. These larvae transform organic waste from banana, mango, and papaya plantations into high-quality protein for animal feed, growing 10,000 times their weight in 14 days. ProNuvo exports dried larvae, powdered protein, and insect oil, already used by a local fish farm.

The larvae’s excrement also serves as effective fertilizer. This method is much more sustainable than traditional protein sources, requiring significantly less land and water. For instance, producing one ton of beef needs 30,000 m2 of land and 15.4 million liters of water, compared to only 300 m2 and 10,000 liters for fly larvae farming. ProNuvo is a pioneer in this field in the region, with similar initiatives seen in Kenya, Uganda, and Europe.

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