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Jungle Jam rocks Jacó

March 21, 2015

Papadosio takes the stage at Jungle Jam. Photo by Patrick Keyes / The Tico Times

The jungle on the edge of Jacó played host to the fifth annual Jungle Jam, a multi-day music fest that has brought some big-name groups to Costa Rica this year.

The second day of the festival showcased a dynamic lineup, headlined by Thievery Corporation. The event grew in energy – and dancing fans – as the night progressed. The crowd was a mass of dreadlocks and tribal tattoos decked out in beachwear and beards. There was plenty of dancing, and the active crowd went from gently swaying onlookers to exuberant hippy dances that reminded this reporter of electrically charged kelp swaying in a sea of jam.

By ten at night, the crowd was large enough to make a walk through the masses difficult, but not impossible. The setup at Doce Lunas allows for up-front action, or more relaxed spots up the hill.

In accordance with Costa Rica’s Law 9028, tobacco smoking was prohibited on the grounds, and this reporter did not see a single cigarette all night. Please note that the smoking prohibition refers only to tobacco.

Jungle Jam is on again tonight and tomorrow. Concert information is available here.

Below is a look at last night’s event.


Paul Damon was a soulful surprise on the side stage in between main sets.


The photographer Patrick Keyes was smart and brought earplugs.


A glassblowing demonstration accompanied the sale of homemade pipes.



This shirt’s message was widely obeyed.


Each ticket costs 500 colones, or one US dollar. Photo by Patrick Keyes.



Drinks are $3 for a beer. Does innuendo help with tips?


Folks working with fire provided a graceful visual alongside the stage. Photo by Patrick Keyes.



Although the initial crowd was sparse, Dan Bailey Tribe laid it all out on stage and started the event with great energy. Photo by Patrick Keyes.


The second band, Twiddle, had a larger crowd to work with. The musicians got the crowd moving.



The communal vibe was in full effect. Photo by Patrick Keyes.


Headliners Thievery Corporation brought things to a new level.


Thievery Corporation’s music bridged several genres, including reggae, hip hop, bossa nova, acid jazz, Indian classical, and more.


Only a few folks opted to record the event on their phones. Most simply enjoyed the moment.


Thievery Corporation had the crowd looking quite pleased.


Thievery Corporation had five singers rotating throughout their set.


Nothing was too hot for these artists.



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