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zoo closures

Court approves zoos’ injunction against Costa Rica Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry is temporarily banned from moving forward with zoo conversions in San José.

San José zoo administration to file complaint after Costa Rica Environment Ministry inspection

FUNDAZOO's lawyer says MINAE entered the zoo's property without permission.

Free the animals! Costa Rica’s cage-free wildlife ambitions extend beyond public zoos

Environment Minister René Castro wants to set all of his country's wild animals free.

Protesters clash with San José police at Simón Bolívar Zoo’s anniversary party

Three activists were arrested during the demonstration in front of the zoo on Sunday.

Impending San José zoo closures spark court battles, celebrations in Costa Rica

Animal rights activists are celebrating the Environment Ministry's decision to close Costa Rica's two public zoos next May. However, zoo administrators are not going out without a fight and plan to take the case to court.

Redefining Costa Rica’s zoos

Both Simón Bolívar Zoo and the Conservation Center of Santa Ana will close in May 2014 for renovations, and will reopen under new management.

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