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Yahoo shuts users out of their email

Users started complaining late last week on social media and ad-blocking forums that a message prompting them to disable ad-blocking software appeared when they tried to view their email.

Yahoo’s $17 million bet on NFL streaming gets tested Sunday

When the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills face off this Sunday, perhaps only their loyal fans will care about the score. The rest will be watching to see if Yahoo makes a compelling case that football can be just as good online as it is on TV.

Does the Web know the way to San José?

San José is the capital and largest city in Costa Rica, but if you try mapping it on the Internet, you might be in for a long search.

You can fight the NSA by ‘resetting the Net’

This week tech companies, democracy advocates, and open-Internet activists joined forces for a Reset the Net campaign that emphasizes both personal privacy and open access to information on the Web. As part of the initiative, companies including Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, Twitter and Reddit are fundraising, educating and launching new security features and services.

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