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Total solar eclipse plunges Antarctica into darkness

A total solar eclipse plunged Antarctica from summer into darkness early Saturday in a rare astronomical spectacle witnessed by a handful of scientists and...

Funny old world: The week’s offbeat news

From a perfume that promises world peace to a miracle food that could remove the fragrance from cat poo. Your weekly roundup of offbeat...

BBC highlights Costa Rica: ‘The road to the world’s first zero-carbon country’

Life in San José can feel far less eco-friendly than in the rest of Costa Rica.

Teens arrested worldwide, including Costa Rica, as police smash global pedophile ring

Ten people were arrested in Latin America -- four in Ecuador, two in Uruguay, two in Peru and two in Costa Rica.

N.Y. Times to cut 100 newsroom jobs

Baquet: "There is no magic bullet for the current financial plight of the news business."

La Nueva Prensa: Serving the community of Nicaraguans in Costa Rica

In a print industry marked by downsizing because of the Internet, one small newspaper in Costa Rica seems to be hitting its stride, thanks to a largely untapped readership base and content that helps meet the needs of a large immigrant community.

12 dead in assault on Pakistan’s Karachi airport

KARACHI, Pakistan – Heavily armed militants attacked Pakistan's busiest airport in the southern city of Karachi Sunday night, killing at least six people as flights were suspended and the army was called in, officials said.

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