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Costa Rica
Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Official: The sloth is Costa Rica’s newest national symbol

The two- and three-toed sloth have officially become national symbols of Costa Rica.

Some baby bats babble like human infants, scientists find in Costa Rica

The babbling of 20 baby bats was recorded in Costa Rica and Panama between 2015 and 2016

A Guide To Costa Rica’s Tapanti National Park

There are plenty of day trips to be made from San Jose when looking for a break to escape the daily grind of the...

Visit Costa Rica’s Curi-Cancha Wildlife Reserve in Monteverde

Venturing away from the high tourist places can often be rewarding and bring a sense of calm with peaceful, quiet memories and Curi-Cancha Reserve...

Sloths, A New National Symbol of Costa Rica And Algae Growers

Sloths may be slow animals, but they surely make their way throughout Costa Rica. Their leisurely ways seem quite suited to the pura vida...

Why visit Costa Rica’s Barra Honda National Park?

When you first think of Guanacaste province, endless beach days come to mind, with thoughts of lounging at the pristine waters with breathtaking views...

The Secret Lives of Leaf-Cutting Ants in Costa Rica

When looking for wildlife in Costa Rica it’s easy to become fixated on the unusual mammals and vibrant birds, but one of the country’s most complex creatures lies underfoot.

Efforts to reintroduce scarlet macaws in Honduras to benefit Central America

The Macaw Recovery Network of Costa Rica estimates there are no more than 4,000 wild scarlet macaws in Central America.

Costa Rica’s wildlife, jungles and beaches in high-resolution video

It's amazing what thousands of dollars worth of video equipment can do.

Visiting Las Baulas National Marine Park Costa Rica

Only an hour from Liberia’s Daniel Oduber Quiros International airport is Las Baulas National Marine Park, a safe haven for leatherback sea turtles.  It...

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