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water pollution

6 Ways You Can Save Water At Home

All of us know that around 70% of our planet is covered with water. But, how many of us know that 97.5% of the...

Oceans saved us, now we can return the favor

Humanity must heal oceans made sick by climate change, pollution and overfishing in order to rescue marine life and save ourselves, experts warned ahead...

Operation Rich Coast holding ‘CleanUp for the Oceans’ this weekend

Saturday's event includes more than 40 locations where volunteers will gather to clean up Costa Rica's beaches.

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: Keeping an eye on wastewater

Locals allege businesses in Santa Teresa and in surrounding towns take advantage of lax oversight and follow environmentally harmful processes.

Thousands of dead fish found in Caribbean rivers

Water samples were collected from the river for laboratory testing; environmentalists believe the death of fish could be linked to the use of agrochemicals at farms in the area.

Op-ed: Reduce and Recycle to Remain Relevant in Global Tourism

Costa Rican towns that host millions of tourists must deal with the influx of waste from tourism, often without municipal experience or proper funding. But you can help.

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