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Venezuela protests

Latin American leaders repressed protests in 2019, according to AI

Amnesty International recognized that Latin American governments had adopted aggressive positions regarding migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Venezuelan beer magnate accused of treason

Lawmakers from Venezuela's ruling Socialist party filed treason charges Wednesday against a prominent billionaire businessman and owner of the country's iconic Polar beer company for allegedly seeking an IMF bailout for the country.

Costa Rican lawmakers urge political asylum for Venezuela opposition

Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González told reporters on Tuesday that the government would not extend offers of asylum to Venezuelan opposition leaders, but that any requests would be treated like all others.

US Congress approves fresh sanctions on Venezuela

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Congress gave its final approval Wednesday to new sanctions against Venezuelan officials accused of violating the human rights of anti-government protesters this year.

Exiles in Costa Rica denounce alleged Venezuelan kidnapping plot

A Miami-based newspaper reported that a team of intelligence operatives posing as members of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s advance team for the upcoming January meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) arrived in Costa Rica to abduct José Gregorio “Gato” Briceño and other prominent exiles.

Venezuela looks set to lock away prominent opposition leader Leopoldo López

CARACAS, Venezuela — The trial of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has proceeded along a clear trajectory so far, seemingly driven toward a predetermined outcome. Which, of course, is also how railroads work.

Venezuela’s increasing inflation, shortages leave poor doubting Maduro

CARACAS, Venezuela — Geraldine is tired of hearing that she should be grateful for the apartment the Venezuelan government gave her last year. With the elevator out of action, water leaking through the ceiling and no gas supplies, she wishes she had never moved in.

US Senate panel approves Venezuela sanctions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A U.S. Senate committee on Tuesday greenlighted new sanctions on Venezuelan officials responsible for violent crackdowns against anti-government student protesters that have left 42 people dead.

Venzuelan opposition fears US sanctions would backfire

CARACAS, Venezuela – Even as frustrated opposition leaders iced their talks with President Nicolás Maduro in the past week, they expressed little support for possible U.S. sanctions against top Venezuelan officials and business associates of his government.

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