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Venezuela economy

The ‘orphans’ of the Venezuelan exodus

With 3.6 million Venezuelans who have left their country since 2016, according to the UN, infants growing up in foster homes have multiplied, with grandparents as primary caregivers.

Rare good news in Venezuela: beer is back

Venezuelans struggling through an economic crisis got a rare bit of good news Thursday when the country's largest brewery announced it had obtained a loan to resume production.

Venezuela decrees economic emergency in power struggle

The emergency decree gives Venezuelan authorities special temporary powers to boost production and ensure access to key goods, including taking command of companies' resources, and to impose currency controls.

Venezuela’s oil-based economy is about to flatline. Then what?

As Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro prepares to give the annual State of the Nation address, the country is facing one of the world's most painful, and predictable, economic collapses.

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