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Fernando Cardenal, Nicaraguan priest sanctioned by Vatican, dies at age 82

Fernando Cardenal was minister of education and led a literacy campaign under Nicaragua's Sandinista government in the 1980s.

Pope Francis asks ‘forgiveness for the scandals’

Pope Francis on Wednesday offered a surprise public apology from the Catholic Church for a series of scandals which have shaken the city of Rome and the Vatican, from gay sex to drug use.

Pope Francis to visit Cuba in latest move to support US-Cuba relations

Cuba is one of the least Catholic nations in Latin America, where along with a sizable number of the religiously unaffiliated, both Pentecostalism and Afro-Cuban Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion, are thriving. The pope's announced visit to the island is probably more about politics than religion, one expert said.

Pope’s iPad fetches $30,500 at auction

The pope gave it -- complete with its His Holiness Francis label and a Vatican certificate of authenticity -- to an Uruguayan priest as a gift.

El Salvador unites behind martyr Romero, 35 years on

Today, Salvadorans will remember Archbishop Oscar Romero at masses in his honor across the country, and with a ceremony in San Salvador cathedral led by Panamanian Cardinal José Luis Lacunza.

Haiti’s first cardinal will tell pope of country’s woes

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – For the first time, a Haitian has been named a cardinal – and he's vowing to "bring the reality" of his tiny, impoverished Caribbean country "into the heart of the Vatican."

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