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US prosecutors say Uber missed criminal drivers

"In Los Angeles alone, registered sex offenders, a kidnapper, identity thieves, burglars, and a convicted murderer had passed Uber’s 'industry leading' background check," the prosecutors wrote in a complaint that seeks penalties against the company.

Uber to offer rides in Costa Rica starting under $2

Aspiring Uber drivers carved out a few hours of their Mother’s Day holiday Saturday to learn about the ride-hailing service as it waits for a green light from the government to start operations in Costa Rica. The company could start operating any day.

Uber starts accepting drivers in Costa Rica but government threatens fines

Vice Minister of Transport Sebastián Urbina told La Nación that any cars operating with Uber would be considered “pirates” and could face fines of ₡99,000 (roughly $185) and lose their plates.

The preemptive strike against Uber and what it means for doing business in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s healthy democracy and active civic participation are something to be proud of. Many organized groups have ensured that economic interests do not overpower environmental or social aspirations. But this capacity of Costa Rican society to raise its voice and create pressure is merely a tool – a tool that can be used for both noble and selfish purposes.

Anti-Uber protests peaceful in Costa Rica, violent in Mexico City

The National Forum of Taxi Drivers announced an alliance last week with other taxi associations in Central America and Colombia to “declare war” on the disruptive ride-sharing app. Meanwhile, Uber is hiring in Costa Rica.

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