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U.S. sanctions

EU, US widen Nicaragua sanctions as Ortega begins new term

The United States and European Union broadened pressure on Nicaragua Monday with economic sanctions and travel bans as strongman Daniel Ortega began a fourth...

US imposes sanctions on Nicaragua bank, senior officials

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on a Nicaraguan bank and two senior officials.

US slaps sanctions on son of Nicaragua president

The United States on Friday slapped sanctions on another son of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, accusing him of using a public relations firm to spread propaganda.

US puts heads of El Salvador MS-13 gang on sanctions list

The U.S. Treasury accused two top figures in the notorious gang of orchestrating assassinations against officials.

Venzuelan opposition fears US sanctions would backfire

CARACAS, Venezuela – Even as frustrated opposition leaders iced their talks with President Nicolás Maduro in the past week, they expressed little support for possible U.S. sanctions against top Venezuelan officials and business associates of his government.

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