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U.S. immigration

Mexico urges US migration rethink after horror crash kills 55

Mexico on Friday urged Washington to rethink its migration policy after a horror road accident killed 55 undocumented migrants in a truck on a...

‘Help us’: migrant caravan sees Biden as only hope

Hungry and exhausted after three weeks walking across Mexico in a migrant caravan, Elsa Pineda implored US President Joe Biden to give her daughter...

Human smugglers reap billions selling the American Dream

A warning from Biden's administration for migrants not to come to the United States appears to have been largely ignored.

Prevented from entering Havana, Cuban journalist asks for refuge in Costa Rica

A week after Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís saw off one of the last flights of the Cuban migrant airlift, hundreds more Cuban migrants mass again at the southern border with Panama.

U.S. President Donald Trump tests positive for the coronavirus

US stock futures tumbled Friday after Donald Trump said he and his wife had tested positive for the coronavirus.

US adds Nicaragua to human trafficking blacklist

The United States included Nicaragua on its human trafficking blacklist; Costa Rica remained stable.

Trump says U.S. will halt immigration due to coronavirus

Donald Trump’s tweet gave no further details about what the measure would entail, how it would be implemented or how long it would be in place.

Costa Rica dismantles a trafficking network of Cuban migrants

Costa Rican authorities dismantled on Tuesday a network dedicated to the trafficking of Cuban migrants entering from Panama and intending to reach the United States or Mexico.

Migration from Central America to the US drops by 75%

Migration from the countries of northern Central America to the United States has been reduced by more than 75% since last May, US interim Secretary of Security Chad Wolf said.

Costa Rica’s best beaches for retirement and living

If you are beach person, then Costa Rica is definitely worthy of consideration for where to retire.

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