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U.S. Federal Reserve

Economists close in on spotting future recessions

Perhaps there is a better way to use leverage to forecast recessions. Instead of looking at the amount of credit, maybe we should look at the price and the quality of credit.

Experts: US Fed rate hike will affect most dollar loans in Costa Rica

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) announcement Wednesday of its first interest rate increase in more than nine years is expected to affect mostly interest rates on about 87 percent of Costa Ricans and companies here that took out dollar loans.

This will be the biggest question when the Fed starts raising rates

Whenever the Federal Reserve does start raising interest rates – whether this week, as seems likely, or next year – the biggest question will be whether the Fed eventually ends up back where it started – at zero.

US Fed officials emphasize gradual tightening

Federal Reserve officials stressed Thursday that policy should be tightened only gradually after U.S. interest rates are increased for the first time since 2006, with New York Fed President William C. Dudley saying the conditions for liftoff "could soon be satisfied."

Here’s what Wall Street is saying about Fed interest rates remaining unchanged

Following the Fed interest rates decision to keep them at historic lows, there is no shortage of reaction from analysts and economists across Wall Street. Here's a quick look at what they think about the Fed standing pat.

Europe, US markets rally on China rate cut

LONDON – European and U.S. shares rebounded on bargain-hunting Tuesday as China cut interest rates after fears of a slowdown in the world's second-biggest economy sparked a "Black Monday" rout across global markets.

Most Mexico policymakers warn against raising rates before US

MEXICO CITY — Mexican policymakers were unanimous in their decision to keep the key interest rate unchanged at a record low last month, with the majority warning against raising rates before the Federal Reserve.

Mexico’s 100-year bond bonanza shows panic fading

Investors who missed a windfall from Mexico's 100-year bonds still have a chance to profit.

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