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Costa Rica
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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traveler safety

Tourism Board program promotes women’s safety when traveling

The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) last week launched the SOFIA Network, a program designed to promote gender equity in the tourism industry.

OIJ CR Safe app provides safety advice for tourists

Costa Rica's Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) have released a mobile phone application that helps tourists stay safe when visiting the Central American country. 

U.S. Embassy safety tips for international tourists and residents in Costa Rica

As the tourism high season begins, we review important safety information for U.S. citizens visiting Costa Rica.

How Costa Rica has improved tourist safety over the past 12 months

Thefts, robberies and assaults comprise more than 95% of reported crimes against tourists, according to OIJ. 

Tourism Board invests $1.5 million in lifeguard program for Costa Rican beaches

In 2018, 129 people drowned in Costa Rica, according to Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ).

Safe travels in Costa Rica: aiming for the sweet spot

We're redoubling our efforts to provide useful information about safe travels in Costa Rica.

The Tico Times’ March print edition: Puerto Viejo, safe travels and more

Our new edition will dive into the country's unique Caribbean coast.

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