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Costa Rica Ending Driving Restrictions and Tourist Requirements

The elimination of restrictions starts with driving on March 7 President Carlos Alvarado announced the news Wednesday via social media and the presidential website: "We are...

Costa Rica QR Code and Proof of Vaccine Mandate

As the world continues to maneuver its way through a global pandemic, safety and preventative measures continue to evolve at an ever-changing rate. Costa...

Traveling to Costa Rica? Your flight may be shorter than the immigration line

For reasons that defy logic, given the importance tourism has for Costa Rica, especially after the strains of Covid-19, many visitors stand for hours,...

Costa Rica Tourism in 2022: Demand is back

But so is a new Covid variant... Costa Rica travel businesses are nervous and yet also optimistic. Bookings in 2021 roared back despite restrictions...

Travel Insurance for a Vacation to Costa Rica

There are many factors think about if you want to get Travel Insurance when going to Costa Rica on vacation or for any other...

Costa Rica transitions to online validation of tourist insurance policies

Tourists visiting Costa Rica can now submit the required travel insurance information via the online epidemiological form, the Tourism Board (ICT) announced Tuesday.

INS offers cheaper policy for visitors to Costa Rica

The National Insurance Institute (INS) now sells a cheaper travel insurance policy for visitors to Costa Rica

ICT confirms requirements for international travel insurance policies

The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has confirmed the insurance requirements for foreigners who wish to visit Costa Rica during the pandemic.

Costa Rica will accept other travel insurance policies for tourists

Costa Rica will welcome tourists who purchase qualifying foreign travel insurance policies, The Tico Times has learned.

IATA asks Costa Rica to reconsider entry requirements for tourists

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has asked Costa Rica to reconsider the requirements it's imposing on arriving tourists. 

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