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Why a Traveler to Costa Rica Should Visit Drake Bay

Making your way to Drake Bay will take a bit of planning and an adventurous spirit. It lies along the remoteness of Costa Rica’s...

Costa Rica Investing $1.7m in National Park Infrastructure

Costa Rica is living up to its responsibility to it's protected lands. The government, in partnership with the private sector, will have a project called...

Costa Rica Tourism Chamber Applauds Lifting of Covid 19 Restrictions

With the announcement by Costa Rica President Alvarado that restrictions due to Covid-19 are being removed the tourism sector is optimistic that travel numbers...

Visiting Cartago Costa Rica: It’s History and Culture

Cartago takes you to the heart of what Costa Rica once was, a place of the day’s past. It is a city of history...

How to Travel Safely in Costa Rica: Tips from the Locals

A panel answers our questions about safety when driving, hiking and more.

Chocolate: The Treasure of Costa Rica and the Americas

Before there was coffee, there was cacao. Before there were coffee breaks, there was the chocolate hour. And before Costa Rica had coins, cacao...

Manatees in Costa Rica? Apparent Sighting near Tortuguero

Local conservationists are celebrating yet another apparent confirmed sighting of manatees in Costa Rica’s Caribbean canal of Tortuguero, not far from the village of...

Costa Rica: A Stable Democracy with No Army but a Hurting Economy

Costa Rica, the "happiest" country in Latin America and a solid democracy without an army, elects new president and deputies this Sunday, amid a...

Costa Rica and The Naturaleza Mágica App

Last August SINAC launched an app that would help tourists and locals alike who want to visit one or more of Costa Rica's 17...

A Guide to Visiting Costa Rica’s Carara National Park

As you head out for your day-offs from the city many will stop for a quick look out over the famous crocodile bridge of...

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