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TEOR/éTica exhibits challenge and confound

This ambiguity has always been the most challenging aspect of TEOR/éTica, the small, avant-garde gallery in Barrio Amón. Each piece must be taken individually, and even then, visitors may feel lost.

TEOR/éTica revisits ugly politics in ‘Chronicle of Interventions’

For the past couple of years, the art gallery TEOR/éTica has painted and repainted its façade with large, eye-catching murals. “A Chronicle of Interventions” is by far the most provocative so far: The “mural” is a printed list of U.S. incursions in Latin America.

TEOR/éTica offers different views of urban life

Using three different exhibits, the tiny art space is exploring the metropolitan dream through a mix of media and artistic visions.

Dual exhibit explores cartel violence, family history

To understand the exhibit, you should know its bloody background: In 2011, a group of drug dealers showed up at a farm in Guatemala, rounded up the farm workers, and cut off their heads.

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