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La horma de mi zapato: On love and taxis

There are taxistas and there are taxistas. But on the whole, I love the river of amiable, chatty, and well-informed men who have carried me around the city day after day and week after week.

Worried about getting ripped off by a Costa Rican cab? There’s an app for that

It doesn't matter how many times you have been to Costa Rica, how long you have lived here or how good your Spanish is; chances are you've been overcharged by a taxi more than once. But now, Taxiando, a new phone app, let's you have your own personal taxi meter on your phone.

Costa Rican taxi drivers, language-school workers arrested in fake English diploma scam

Police also confiscated documents related to 100 taxi permits issued last week.

Regulatory authority cancels concession for taxi service at the Juan Santamaria International Airport

A company that operates taxis at the international airport outside San José was caught failing to use taximeters, known as marias in Spanish.

Taxis drivers block capital roads to demand crackdown on ‘piratas’

Protesters accused officials of allowing informal taxi drivers to operate at will.

Increase in taxi fares approved

Each additional kilometer will cost ₡10 more.

Taxi fares to increase this month

Taxi union leaders are pushing for an even higher increase.

Unpermited taxi drivers protest outside Casa Presidencial

Demonstrators are asking for some of the 2,000 taxi permits the government has still available.

Taxi drivers end protests after government promises no new permits

Officials agreed not to issue new permits to Costa Rica’s informal taxi sector.

Striking taxi drivers block streets near Casa Presidencial

A protest by taxi drivers scheduled for Tuesday took drivers by surprise Monday morning instead.

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