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Tax Reform

Costa Rica Tax Law: Corporations with No Lucrative Activity Must File a Tax Return

In Costa Rica laws are recognized by their number, their date of issue and their name. Law No. 10160 was issued on march 11th...

Inflation in Costa Rica decreases due to falling fuel prices

Fuels had an important impact on the September price drop, with a 7% reduction in the price of gasoline and 2.35% in diesel.

Strikes cause partial shutdowns of public hospitals

The tax reform, which includes tax increases, was approved in December to counteract a fiscal deficit that last year reached 6% of GDP.

Education sector strike once again ruled illegal

The court reasoned the strikes have not being peaceful and have affected essential services.

Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court gives tax reform bill the go-ahead

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court declared on Friday that the tax reform bill is constitutional. The bill will now go back to congress, where enough legislators have announced their support for the bill for it to pass.

Protesters hold vigil at Plaza de la Democracia

Workers from the public sector attend a vigil at Plaza de la Democracia during a strike called by the unions to protest against a tax reform project in San Jose, Costa Rica on November 7, 2018.

Colon tanks, Costa Rica raises interest rates to slow inflation

For the first time in history, the Costa Rican Colon surpassed 600 colones per dollar. On Wednesday, some banks were reporting an exchange rate of ₡616 for $1.

The Tico Times Dispatch: An interview with journalist and economist David Ching

Costa Rica’s Plenary Court this week rejected the country’s proposed tax reform bill and asked that four sections of the initiative be corrected. In our second episode of The Tico Times Dispatch Costa Rican journalist and economist David Ching explained the necessity of fiscal reforms.

Tico Times Shade: What does ‘middle class’ mean in Costa Rica?

It’s not often The Tico Times writes an explainer about basic Costa Rican daily living that’s equally surprising to a first-time visitor and a high court justice.

Tax reform bill passes first debate; strike will continue

Costa Rica’s controversial fiscal reform proposal took a step toward becoming law Friday evening when the Legislative Assembly approved the bill after a lengthy first debate.

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