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The Perfect Costa Rican Christmas in 10 Easy Steps

Our guide to the definitive Costa Rican Christmas.

Tamales in Costa Rica – A Christmas Tradition

Tamales go deep in Costa Rican culture and they are one of the most accessible ways to tap into your inner Tico, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

What are 8 of the most Popular Foods in Costa Rica?

When you think of Costa Rica, typically cuisine isn’t your first thought with its landscapes of mysterious jungles and tropical beaches. However, once you...

Celebrating an Ethnic Christmas

Moving from one country to another and from one culture to another means a double set of traditions to consider. Accepting new customs doesn’t mean...

In Costa Rica – Preparing Tamales Is a Family Affair

Without a doubt, tamales are the kings at Tico tables. They are as important at Christmas time as turkey is at Thanksgiving in the...

A Costa Rica Christmas: Nativity Scenes, Fireworks, Tamales and Shouting

What is it that makes us follow old customs year after year, even with so many new appealing ideas in the market? Why do...

An Age Old Christmas Tradition: Making tamales in Costa Rica

Doña Flor Arguedas, 71, has been making tamales since she was 22. That was the year she got married. Her new mother-in-law told her,...

A Costa Rican Christmas

Our daily Costa Rican moment of zen. #tanlindacostarica

Holiday Color, On Your Doorstep

I was a bit surprised to find a slice of my Midwestern Christmases right outside my door in San Jose. On the surface, it...

In Costa Rica Tamale-making with Antojitos de Maíz

Tico Times reporters attempt to make tamales with the pros

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