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In search of sustainability in Limón

The most recent environmental footprint assessment estimated that for humanity to meet its needs in 2018, we require 1.5 times of what Earth can currently supply. You may consider that as the cost of the "pursuit of happiness" but ironically, many recent studies indicate that happiness and life satisfaction has been declining over the past two decades.

Costa Rica to host third International Sustainable Building Congress

"Building Sustainable Cities and Lifestyles in Latin America and the Caribbean,” is the theme of the conference, which will take place May 17-20.

UN Agency in Costa Rica: Calls for Eco-Approach To Coffee Fungus

The U.N. conference was held in Costa Rica and brought together policymakers from across Central America to discuss sustainable ways to keep coffee rust, or roya, at bay.

Central American Bank grants Costa Rica $2 million to finance environmental projects

Local businesses can apply for environmental loans ranging from $1,500 to $150,000, which must be invested in environmentally friendly technologies to improve efficiency. That technology includes solar panels, electronic ballasts, high efficiency diffusers and reflectors, air compressors, fluorescent lamps, LED lights, electric engines, cooling systems, boilers, low-energy vehicles and others.

President Solís tells world leaders Costa Rica is a model of sustainable development

President Solís -- saying that Costa Rica is a country with sustainable development "in its DNA” -- urged other nations to realign their spending away from militarization and towards the 2030 Agenda Development Goals.

Farmers generate clean-burning fuel from coffee waste in Nicaragua

A clean, affordable fuel source for coffee farmers here in the remote hills outside Yali, Jinotega was a byproduct of a of a wastewater management pilot program in Nicaragua sponsored by the sustainable-certification labeling organization UTZ Certified with support from the Dutch government. Along with purifying the acidic wastewater from the coffee milling process, the so-called biogas is helping improve the quality of life for many small farmers here.

Nicaraguan coffee farmers seek creative solutions to drought, climate change

A series of pilot projects in Nicaragua funded by the Dutch government and the sustainable certification label UTZ have seen positive results reducing water consumption, treating wastewater and providing farmers with a clean burning fuel as a byproduct.

Whole Foods’ responsibly grown rating system labels Costa Rican bananas grown at EARTH University as ‘Best’

The supermarket chain’s new "Responsibly Grown" produce rating system was launched earlier in October and divides fruits, flowers and vegetables into three categories: Good, Better and Best, based on suppliers’ farming practices.

Costa Rica remains most popular Latin American study abroad destination for US students

For the second year in a row, Costa Rica is the most popular destination for U.S. study abroad students in Latin America, according to the latest data. Argentina is second followed by Brazil. Mexico -- once the top destination -- has fallen to fourth reported the Institute of International Education.

Construction and homes expo in Belén to focus on sustainability

More than 230 businesses will display their latest home and construction products at a fair focusing on developing eco-friendly and energy saving homes. ExpoConstrucción y Vivenda 2014 opened Wednesday afternoon and will continue through Sunday at the Pedregal Event Center in Belén, northwest of the capital.

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