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Tropical Storm Bonnie heads to the Pacific after crossing Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Tropical Storm Bonnie, which impacted the south of Nicaragua with strong winds and rains, left the continental territory this Saturday towards the Pacific with...

Updates on impact of Tropical Storm Bonnie in Costa Rica

As previously announced, Tropical Storm Bonnie affected the country in the early hours of the morning. Therefore, the government and other institutions were forced...

Costa Rican authorities prepare for tropical storm

Through a press conference, Costa Rican authorities informed today that they would implement preventive measures, anticipating the impact of Tropical Storm Bonnie. Specifically, 930 residents...

Costa Rica declares orange alert due to tropical wave

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) declared an orange alert in almost all the national territories due to the passage of Tropical Wave Number 13....

Costa Rica expands network of tsunami-alert sirens in ocean towns

Costa Rica's National Emergency Commission (CNE) is installing tsunami-alert sirens in five Puntarenas towns, the institution announced this week.

U.S. Embassy tweet of supposed tsunami causes alarm in El Salvador, Central America

The Tsunami Advisory Center for Central America (CATAC), based in the INETER of Nicaragua, clarified that "it has not registered any event that could generate a tsunami."

4,000-passenger cruise ship inexplicably sails into Atlantic mega-storm

A massive storm exploded in intensity just off the Southeast U.S. coast on Sunday afternoon, driving hurricane force winds and whipping waves into a frenzy. And in the middle of this monster storm was a cruise ship on its way to Florida – rocking, roiling and taking a major beating from the most powerful storm we've seen in the western Atlantic so far this winter.

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