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State of the Nation

State of the Republic: President Alvarado promotes infrastructure, progress

President Carlos Alvarado on Tuesday delivered the State of the Republic, an annual rendering of accounts before the Legislative Assembly and the Costa Rican public.

State of the Nation: President Solís highlights economic growth, urges fiscal reforms

Private-sector chambers and opposition party leaders argued that the president was taking credit for achievements of previous administrations.

US President Obama tasks VP Biden with ‘moonshot’ bid to cure cancer

The United States will launch a "moonshot" effort to cure cancer, U.S. President Barack Obama declared Tuesday, assigning his deputy Joe Biden to lead the effort.

Costa Rica’s Solís presents State of the Nation report to invigorated opposition

Elected a year ago on a wave of euphoria and following promises of change, President Luis Guillermo Solís addressed Costa Rica Friday night in his first State of the Nation speech with fewer accomplishments to report than he would have hoped for.

Why May 1 is much more than Labor Day for Costa Rica’s government

What happens on Labor Day in Costa Rica? A lot more than marches and bbq. Read our primer.

Despite doubling of staff, Costa Rica’s judicial branch resolves far fewer cases than in 2000

In 2000, a total of 841 cases were resolved by a single court, meaning they ended without any appeals to higher courts. But that number dropped to 486 by 2013, according to the report.

President Solís’ popularity declines as economy worsens, Costa Rica researcher tells Washington panel

At his May 8, 2014 inauguration, Solís pledged to run his administration as a “glass house” while fighting the corruption he said was “eating away” the country.

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís promises to cut extreme poverty by 45 percent by 2018

Six months after taking office President Luis Guillermo Solís outlined – in a 560-page document – a roadmap for his administration that includes a promise to reduce Costa Rica’s extreme poverty rate by 45 percent by 2018, the year he leaves Casa Presidencial.

Costa Rica is 20 percent more expensive than other Latin American countries

Economic concerns were front and center in the annual report on the state of Costa Rica, which highlighted topics like unemployment, inequality, poverty and the deficit. After 20 years of economic growth, the report’s authors said that Costa Rica has yet to make significant gains in human development.

A special Tico guest at the State of the Union

Costa Rica's Carlos Arredondo, left, holds Jeff Bauman's crutches while U.S. President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address. Last April, Arredondo...

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