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State of the Republic: President Alvarado promotes infrastructure, progress

President Carlos Alvarado on Tuesday delivered the State of the Republic, an annual rendering of accounts before the Legislative Assembly and the Costa Rican public.

“That in every corner of our country there are quality opportunities for all people, without any distinction. And that on this common basis of opportunities each person exercise their freedom to build their path according to their wishes, dreams, efforts and talents. That is the great common project called Costa Rica,” Alvarado began.

The lengthy speech highlighted the government’s efforts to safeguard lives during the pandemic and its goal to generate more employment. Alvarado also celebrated infrastructure improvements during his presidency and his dreams of a more equitable Costa Rica.

Among the focal points of President Alvarado’s address, as summarized by the Presidency:

Improving road infrastructure: The Government will present a bill to access a loan with the goal of treating the entire national network that today is in gravel with an asphalt seal. This loan would also the improvement of bridges throughout the country.

Educational infrastructure: Alvarado said he will seek before Congress a loan aimed at investment in educational infrastructure. “In this way, the next administration would have the tool to move forward with the equal opportunities project in all corners,” he said.

Railway transformation:  The Metropolitan Electric Train project will advance in such a way that the next administration will be able to build the first line of the project. In addition, the administration will advance toward the financing and bidding process of the Limon Electric Freight Train (TELCA).

Electric mobility: In September, the awarding of sectorization concessions will begin to make the transition to electric mobility. Alvarado requested the support of Congress to approve a project to modernize public bus transport.

A ‘Government City’:  Via public works concession, progress will be made with the Ciudad Gobierno project, with the goal of bringing together 16 government institutions in eight buildings, reducing rental expenses and revitalizing the area.

Land for Indigenous Peoples: A Recovery Plan for Indigenous Territories is being formed, and President Alvarado pledged additional financing to undo the “pain and uncertainty” provoked by current legislation.

Speech celebrates ‘historic achievements’

President Alvarado commended the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and highlighted projects to construct new hospitals and improve healthcare infrastructure across Costa Rica.

The leader also noted his administration’s focus on road and water infrastructure projects across the country.

When discussing public finances, President Alvarado argued for the importance of Costa Rica’s loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“From our point of view, the only way to guarantee the survival of this Social State of Law is by cleaning up public finances and ensuring that we will have the resources to keep it running, renewed and strengthened,” he said.

At the end of his speech, Alvarado envisioned a decarbonized economy that by 2050 provides “full respect for human rights, without poverty and with equal opportunities.”

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