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st patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s the chemistry that makes your beer taste good (or bad)

In a recent study, researchers found that more layers of foam on top of a liquid make it less likely to spill. So going with some hearty traditional beer may be good for more than just your holiday spirit. It could keep your clothes dry, too, as you get tipsier.

St. Patrick’s Day celebration floods Escazú with green beer

There was live music. There were keg-stands. There were even trampolines. The mostly Tico crowd certainly embraced the Irish spirit – emphasis on the spirits.

Large-scale St. Patrick’s festival invades Escazú

To Pablo Formal, sharing a cultural experience is even better when you’re also sharing a good beer. This weekend, Formal is going Gaelic: He’s bringing an enormous St. Patrick’s Day celebration to Escazú.

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