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Costa Rican Ministry of Health: “Tobacco is a threat to our environment”

World No-Tobacco Day is celebrated every year on May 31 and this year’s campaign motto is: "Tobacco is a threat to our environment." The...

Costa Rica’s strict anti-smoking laws

Costa Rican lawmakers this week approved a project that will ban the use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices in public. The legislation will...

Costa Rica to ban vaping in public

Costa Rican lawmakers this week approved in a second debate a bill that will the use of ban vaping devices and electronic cigarettes in...

Ministry of Health supporting initiative to ban the use of vaping devices in public spaces

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, on Tuesday endorsed an initiative to ban the use of vaping devices in Costa Rica's public spaces. 

Health alert warns Costa Ricans not to use vaping devices

The Ministry of Health has recommended Costa Ricans against using electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices.

Tobacco use declining in Costa Rica, Health Ministry says

The decline in smokers may help Costa Rica reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Alcohol still the most popular drug in Costa Rica

IAFA’s survey also found an increase in Ticos' consumption of marijuana, cocaine and crack, although the use of tobacco is on the decline.

Male smokers triple female ones in Costa Rica, study finds

Some 9 percent of Costa Rica’s population smokes on a daily basis, the survey found, or some 300,000 people.

Costa Rica to expand smoking cessation program to all public hospitals by 2016

The Costa Rican Social Security System, or Caja, plans to open smoking cessation clinics in hospitals countrywide to help folks kick the habit.

Uruguay’s Mujica to Obama: Tobacco is ‘murder’

U.S. tobacco giant Philip Morris sued Uruguay for $25 million at the World Bank's International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

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