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Sexual harassment

Costa Rican presidential candidate named in World Bank sexual harassment case

The World Bank mishandled sexual harassment complaints brought by multiple women against a senior official, according to the bank's labor tribunal. The case involved reports dating...

News briefs: Costa Rica news highlights to start your Tuesday

We hope you're reading this with a delicious Costa Rican coffee or traditional gallo pinto. Here's the Costa Rica (and regional) news you should know on Tuesday, October 27.

Costa Rica enacts law against street sexual harassment

Costa Rica on Monday put into effect a law that criminalizes street sexual harassment and punishes it with jail terms and fines.

Costa Rica approves law punishing street sexual harassment with jail and fines

A bill that penalizes street sexual harassment was approved Tuesday in a second debate by Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly. 

Legislation against street sexual harassment advances in Costa Rican Congress

A bill that would penalize street sexual harassment was approved Tuesday in a first debate by Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly. 

Students declare ‘state of emergency’ due to sexual harassment at Costa Rican universities

Students reported an alarming increase in cases of sexual harassment at institutions of higher education.

Former Tico Times publisher recalls Daly’s account of Arias misconduct

Emma Daly was a reporter with The Tico Times in 1990 when she alleges Óscar Arias, then serving his first term as Costa Rica’s president, groped her.

Help fund our new podcast on street harassment in Costa Rica

Help us fund our newest episode of The Tico Times Dispatch. In this episode we take a look at street harassment in Costa Rica.

Woman records video of man reaching down her shirt on bus; receives no help from driver

A woman traveling on a bus Monday in Costa Rica filmed a man touching her beneath her shirt. She said via Facebook that she showed the video to the bus operators who told her all she could do was move seats.

Costa Rican lawmakers approve bill to ban sex with minors

The new law sets prison times up to six years and also bans marriage between people under 18 and between an adult and a minor.

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