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NASA Satellites Provide Key Information for Costa Rica’s Tourism and Conservation

NASA, along with Stanford University, the Costa Rican Ministry of Nature and Environment, and the Central Bank, conducted a study that showed how nature...

Costa Rica’s first satellite scheduled for deployment in one year

A spacecraft of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will take the satellite to the International Space Station, for its deployment into space, likely at the end of the first quarter next year.

Crowdfunding campaign to orbit Costa Rica’s first satellite surpasses goal

Tico engineers will be responsible for the satellite's final assembly that will take place here during the second half of this year.

Costa Rica’s first satellite project enters decisive stage

Officials of the Costa Rica-based Central American Association for Aeronautics and Space (ACAE) on Monday announced they will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise $75,000 needed to orbit the first Costa Rica satellite, a small device called picosatellite.

NASA: New photos reveal Pluto’s stunning geological diversity

New, high-resolution images of the surface of Pluto beamed from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft reveal unparalleled geographical variety - from soaring mountains to sand dunes to frozen ice floes, scientists said Saturday.

Costa Rica’s first satellite to be launched into space in 2016

"It is a message to the world that this country is still thinking big," the president of the Central American Aeronautics and Space Administration said on Monday.

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