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Costa Rica struggles with indigenous land rights

An indigenous rights issue has put Costa Rica’s much-vaunted human rights record to the test as the country struggles to protect members of the Bribrí and Teribe indigenous communities from non-indigenous people who have forcibly, and at times violently, removed them from indigenous ancestral lands.

Tensions ease in Salitre indigenous crisis, but the dispute is far from resolved

BUENOS AIRES, Puntarenas – As government mediators return to San José and peace slowly returns to the Salitre indigenous reserve in Costa Rica’s southeastern region, the charred skeleton of a makeshift home remains as the only visible vestige of an intense conflict earlier this week.

UPDATE: Government negotiates peace agreement between farmers, indigenous group in Salitre conflict zone

BUENOS AIRES, Puntarenas – Just before 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning, government officials successfully negotiated a peace agreement between indigenous Bribrí residents and local farmers in Costa Rica's southeastern indigenous reserve of Salitre, where violence broke out Saturday due to a land dispute.

Farmers invading Costa Rica indigenous reserve chase out families, burn crops

While most of the nation was celebrating Costa Rica's long run in the World Cup Saturday, a large group of farmers in the country's southeastern indigenous territory of Salitre were taking up arms.

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