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Fishing Costa Rica: Tie a Ribbon Around the Yellow Sailfish Tree

When the hillsides along the Pacific Ocean bloom bright yellow, it is time to go fishing, because that is when you will see the double digit days of sailfish that makes Costa Rica a premier destination for sailfish anglers.

Costa Rica’s oceans and Covid-19

When Costa Rica returns to the healthy ocean, we can exploit it again and end up in the same boat, so to speak, as before.

Costa Rica Fishing for Science: Tagging and Studying Sailfish and Marlin

A group of of scientists led Dr. Larry Crowderheads from the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford University, catch fish to better understand and manage ocean pelagics like sailfish and marlin.

Costa Rica Young Biologist’s only Sailfishing Trophies are Tissue Samples

Beatriz Naranjo spends a lot of time on sportfishing boats, but not to catch fish. All she does is tag them and take a tissue sample. She has 800 so far.

I caught a marlin and it was great, but the marlin totally hated it

Forty miles south of the Golfo Dulce in the open Pacific Ocean, a 200-pound blue marlin was about to have the worst day of its life.

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