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Ruta 27

10 years after inaugurating Route 27, popular highway needs expansion, Costa Rican gov. admits

Ten years after Route 27 was inaugurated, the Costa Rican highway is already in need of expansion. 

VIDEO: Traffic cop stops Costa Rican bicyclist Andrey Amador in bizarre highway altercation

Renowned Costa Rican cyclist was involved in a bizarre traffic stop Tuesday morning after illegally taking his bike on San José's Highway 27 to train.

Dog hit by a car helps inspire animal rescue program for Costa Rica’s highways

Ruta 27, or Route 27, is the highway connecting Costa Rica's capital San José to the Pacific province of Puntarenas. But the highway also now loans its name to a dog rescued from the thoroughfare. And the dog's deliverance has led to the development of a program to aid other animals injured on Costa Rica's highway to the Pacific coast.

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